About us

The Founder’s storY

Why deer?
History has it deer is one of the most long living animal and was well known as a prosperous symbol. The horns of the male deer represents the symbol of endeavour and protection. While the folktales believe that the longer its horns are, the greater the wisdom will be. 

Deer is like the father in a family, committing the responsibility of taking care of his family, this silent love expresses deeply and endlessly. We might not understand the love it shows from the surface, but indeed it is exist unconditionally. 

Growing up in a modest family, though my father was not a very wealthy man, yet our family is very much fulfilled.  He builds the family with his fullest love and care. Although he never really talked much, whenever challenges and struggles that I brought upon, he speaks are always full of positive inspirations and encouragements, therefore it helps me to navigate through successfully. 

I respectfully love my father, his spiritual values of unconditional love, wisdom and endeavour drive me to adapt and learn for the rest of my life. 


BlackWood Café (The thought behind naming of BlackWood Café) 

Black symbolises
Mysterious, elegance, simplicity 

Wood symbolises
Forest (Forest is the house of Nature, we aim to provide our customer the unique sense of belonging) 

Deer represents Mysterious, natural, harmonious, wisdom and hope, these are all the characteristics that Blackwood café would like to present. 


The Mysterious
The interior outlook of black colour, the darkish wall bricks and the warm lighting effect deliver the ambience of mysterious and yet elegant. It delivers the feeling of soft and peaceful, in Blackwood Café, our customer will experience the atmosphere of natural security. 


The Natural and Harmonious 
Blackwood café aims to deliver the homelike feeling; the ability to harmonize and ease off the hectic steps and pace is the desire of everyone. Therefore, in Blackwood, we commit our goals to serve and provide the most comfortable environment. From the spacious layout and comfortable ambience, you will never feel congested and noisy, all you are allowed, is to relax and enjoy the best moments here. 

Tapping on with the music, though the most top hit awarded song might not be played, you will never tired in enjoying the song that provide the comfortable and relaxation feeling. Making yourself at HOME here is one of our top priorities. 


The Wisdom and Hope 
The mission of Blackwood Café is to serve and deliver the best customer experience with wisdom, inspiration and passion.  We hope that you can experience our sincerity and commitment to serve the best of our service.